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The Ghosts of K Street

Steven Soderbergh’s aborted HBO series K Street (2003) is a singular masterpiece. That its greatness could have a lot to do with its unfinished state, which perhaps allows it to escape the mundane, or flawed, or impossible resolution that might have otherwise been in store for it—like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid facing down […]


Jocelyn Brooke

Jocelyn Brooke (1908-1966) is the kind of writer one finds out about by trawling in used bookstores or perhaps killing time perusing seldom-visited shelves of a university library or idly examining the contents of a venerable literary lady’s drawing room while one waits for tea to be served. Like the rare Military Orchid, which he […]

Majka Kwiatowska

      What I am really trying to do is bring birth to clarity, which is really a half-assedly thought-out pictorial semi-vision thing. I would see the jiggle-jiggle or the wiggle of the path. Even now when I talk about the influence functional, I see the coupling and I take this turn—like as if […]